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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cold Day, Great Finds!

It is just as cold out as it was this morning....hubby and I started looking around for a head light for my bruised up car, successfully found one for only 85 bucks, will pick it up monday and my handy dandy hubs will install it to save on labor costs. After my hubby left for work, I ventured out to my local fabric store to see if they got anything new within the last 6 weeks, and boy did they! I scored 15 prints of amy butler's newest collection: soul blossoms! they had 31 prints for crying out loud!!! but I thought I'd pace myself and only get half of them and the others at a later time....they are all completed (pillows) and I am fixing to post them tonight! hope they sell!


Jennie said...

I'm sorry about your car, but glad you are both OK. How did the deer fare?

I'm also glad to see you back to blogging- I was worried when I didn't *see* you after the stomach flu post!!

I heart Amy Butler- I know those will fly out of your shop :)

Minx's Den said...

well jennie, the deer didnt make it, it was dead before hitting the ground, (we were driving between 55-60 mph) and I will spare you the details cause the carcass wasn't pretty happened just 2 miles from my father in law's farm, my bro in law went to find it and see if he could salvage the deer meat (kansans eat alot of deer meat) Kansas law is if you hit the deer and it dies (during deer hunting season) then it's yours to take and do what you like....i'm not too fond of deer particularly, but my in laws love it...(yuck) i wasn't much in the mood for blogging when i had the flu, and we had to go down to kansas to see my bro in law, he is on leave from the navy, so I was away from the computer anyway and could post anything....but all is well now!