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Monday, June 27, 2011

More And More Newbies!!!

"Golden Floral" Pillow made from vintage fabrics and lace! One of my favorites!

This one I named "Green Blue" Pillow, but this title has personal meaning, this one is dedicated to one of my closest friends from high school, I nick name her "green blue" after her first and middle name (Jade Skye) I will keep the last name under wraps though ;) but several years ago, we parted ways and went in different directions, but just recently, our paths merged again, and we reconciled our friendship, and that makes me so happy! And to find out, time indeed can change so many things, I learned that she has been happily married for 6 years to a great guy whom I had the pleasure of meeting and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that's just turned 2! I am so happy for her and her beautiful life with her new little family! This pillow I worked hard to make is dedicated to you, green blue! buddah!!!!

Well to get you all up to speed, the last 2 days have been interesting, had a real bad, well ok, make that plural...thunderstorms that came through my area and let's just say I ended up in the basement twice in a 6 hour span! and losing power for 2 hours on top of that! Got my very last fabric order from the down under (Australia) and now that I have all of my new (old) fabrics in, I will be mass producing many of these pillows like pictured above! I will be working on an orange themed one, then a purple themed one! This is so exciting! This week is turning out to be much better than last week was (knocked on wood just now for luck)...happy manic mad Monday everybody, although it's a good Monday!


Jennie said...

Looking good, Lauren- so glad to hear you're back to feeling more like yourself. I adore that pom pom detail!!!

Minx's Den said...

thanks jennie!!! my next pillow has some fabric that I recently ordered from you!