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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Down A Different Path...

I am standing at the ultimate fork in the road when it comes to my small etsy business.....and I chose my path........I have decided (but not lightly) to up my ante by using 95% vintage fabrics in my new items to come, yes I will still sell pillows, and the what I now call "oldies" pillows are still for sell, but I won't be posting anymore of them since I feel they are losing popularity, so time to move onto a new market niche, vintage fabrics and I feel optimistic about this one. I have tried jewelry, that didn't work, tried artwork in the infancy of my business, that didn't work too well either. Pillows always worked for me, but people crave something more I sense.....So, I am taking my very first small business loan, along with the help of my hubby, and I will be making many purchases in etsy the next few weeks to provide myself resources to make the beautiful items that are dying to escape my brain and into beautiful creations! I should say my shop is evolving....I took the time to improve on my craft and sewing techniques, and now I feel ready for minxden to become the young lady that she is and show her extreme floral/chic/mature side. Wish me luck everyone, I sure need it, help spread the word for me that my shop will be bigger and better than ever before! Changes must be made!

What else is making my day serene:
1. hubby made hickory smoked chicken from our new grill! mmmm it was good!
2. my creative mojo is sure raging like a wild flooded river!
3. down 23 pounds as of yesterday! and my swimsuit is baggy in the deriere!
4. got beethoven serenading me in my studio!
5. The sight of my sleeping girl kittens!


Mama Pants said...

Life cannot be lived without taking chances and leaps! Good luck Lauren, your new items are going to be wonderful...I KNOW IT!

Jennie said...

Ooh! I'm so excited to see the new line. Congratulations on your new direction and on the 23 pounds- you go girl :)

amelia said...

Good for you!!! You're young and if you can't take chances now then when can you!!