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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Newest Minxden Beauties!

The newest additions in minxden awaiting adoption! They are so chic! Some of my best work yet....I price these around the 22-23 dollar range since more work and older fabrics go into them....I just ordered ALOT more vintage fabrics with my business loan! I may get a couple of fun purchases just for me, not sure what to get though, I will be shopping around today for that, I did already get a couple of inexpensive vintage pillow cases for myself, but i want to get some more expensive! I put in 2 hours of my time today at the Cat House (a no kill animal shelter for cats) and made a new little kitty friend! Her name is Stara and she is so beautiful, reminds me of my deceased feline companion "Cleo", whom I lost 5 years ago yesterday from being hit by a car....very tragic day, but this new kitty at the shelter is an exact look alike, and such a sweetheart! shhhhhh......don't tell anyone, but I am seriously considering adopting her into my loving home and family.....I will have to have a serious discussion with the Mister tonight and see what he thinks about having a third furrbaby in the house,,,,hope you all are having a great day!


Mama Pants said...

Oh yeah a new fur baby! I love fur babies! I saw one on the Capital Humane society site, but my Mister said "no". Darn it. Hope you have better luck. The pillows are gorgeous, by the way!

Jennie said...

Looking good, Lauren! I am missing my kitty something fierce while away on vacay, so it's nice to hear about you making a new furry friend :)

Minx's Den said...

thanks georgia! i may not have any luck with my mister either, he was pretty reluctant on the phone during his break....hmmmm

jennie-I always miss my girls like crazy when I venture down to Kansas to visit family, you will get to reunite with your furry friend real soon!!!