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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Silent And Still

Ha Ha looks like I woke up a sleepy kitty!

Nothing wakes up this kitty, once she's out....she's out!

My Brie Brie gives me a soft kitty kiss on the hand....

And I give a kiss to my sweet Ci-Ci....told ya nothing wakes her up!

Did a difficult thing today, I noticed when I glanced over to my 100 some beanie babies that they were covered in dust, and cleaning them all off like every 1-2 weeks would be grueling so I decided to clean them off and them gently place them in double plastic sacks and store them away until I can figure out a better dust free shelving system....most of these came from my grandma Nonie and they are precious to me, I wouldn't want them to get so dusty all the time...but I allotted myself to keep just one out for display, so I chose my favorite, "Peace" the tie-dye bear....she has been my favorite for a very long time!

Vintage fabrics await my brain's creativity....they are all like ladies in waiting!

I took down my fabric banners that used to be on this white wall here behind the garlands, I thought a white wall looked better against these, I am trying to clean up and spruce up my place...simplify it a little bit.

The good things to come:
1. Cherry pie with my hubby!
2. 4th of July tomorrow
3. firecrackers!!!!!
4. grilled yummies!
5. made a sale in minxden today!
6. clean house!
7. upcoming trip to Kansas soon!
8. A trip to Omaha soon as well!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!!!! Remember....alcohol and fireworks DO NOT MIX!!! ;)


amelia said...

If you come up with a dust free display you will make a fortune!!

Jennie said...

Your kitty girls are so sweet... I just love a sleepy kitty. It's the only time my boy Sinatra really lets me snuggle him!

A bird in the hand said...

Happy Fourth, sweetiepie. Enjoy the cherry pie. xoxoxo

Minx's Den said...

jenny-I dont plan on selling these at all, they are too precious for that, they will be going to babies that I may have in the future
jennie-sabrina is the same way as your sinatra is....very sweet when tired.
colette-thank you! I sure enjoyed my pie, but my hubby got a hold of it and it disappeared fast! lol