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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas In July!

Indeed I have been having the Christmas/winter fever for this very hot month of July! So to give myself cooler thoughts, I whipped up these 3 cheeky xmas trees made out of vintage fabrics, they are cute, my technique could be better, these are just a practice run for what I will be posting in MPD this winter for xmas...

Made these 5 hoops last night, in pinks hues, my signature color!

My next vintage fabric target? this one above with the blue roses and blue background! I love this print, I have some in pink, and just ordered the yellow one, (I have a pillowcase in this same print in the pink color) but sadly I do not have any blue, just this sample I got from another fabric order....I haven't had much luck in finding this one, if any of you readers of mine know what I can get my claws on some, let me know where to find it pleeeeeeeeeeese!

I have got a small collection of skinny hems going on here for various other projects!

Well this set up isn't working out for me so well, the table is too low and the chair is too high, thus in resulting bad back pain, even for my age! I need a different solution and fast! I have a couple ideas in mind...

Just posted these beauties in my minxden shop this afternoon, have a more closer look! I feel my migraine headache making it's debut from yesterday, so I will be keeping it quiet and dark in my house. Happy Hump Day peoples! (Wednesday)

Hump Day Goodness Just For Me:
1. The Cat House today with some awesome kitties! and even more new kittens arrived! lots of play time!
2. Had a bowl of vietnamese soup at Pho Nguyen!
3. 3 fabric orders to visit my mailbox soon!
4. Omaha again in 2 days!

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