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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great Etsy Finds, Lovelies From The Land Of Omaha!

Let's start out with the first great etsy find, and oh behold in front of my eyes, AQUA vintage fabric! Aqua Dreams here I come again! this was ordered from a friend who has such a great etsy shop! this fabric I could not resist from, it had to be mine!

What a cute chic vintage pillow this is! I actually featured this pillow in one of my treasuries, but it was such a great price, I couldn't resist in adopting this lovely lady pillow and giving her a good home, and surprisingly but happily, my furry feline friends leave her hot pink yarn tassels totally alone!

I also got this lovely lace remnant pack too! They will be put to good use as this lace and my vintage fabrics would marry great together, don't you think?

Ventured to Omaha again last friday for another whole foods adventure! and of course I had to slip into Anthropologie for another visit, and walked out with this cool shirt...

And this cheeky aqua themed table runner, now dressing my recently thrifted dining room table + chairs!

My stack still awaits fresh ideas!

A quaint little corner in my home!

Many Aqua Dreams turning into these great things:
1. got some yard work done VERY EARLY this morning!
2. anxiously awaiting another etsy vintage fabric order with 2 yummy prints!
3. right now at this moment, hearing a clever amtrak train rolling through my neighborhood's train tracks! (they have a silly funny whistle!)
4. seaweed salad hunted down from whole foods! yumm!


emily said...

i'm pretty sure i could dive right in and live in those vintage fabrics. so pretty!
glad you love the pillow, and your chaise is gorgeous!!!

Minx's Den said...

Hi emily!!! good to see you on my blog! you like my chaise lounge huh? it belonged to my grandmother!