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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wowzers Of A Wednesday!

Salutations! How are we all doing on this wacky wowzers of a Wednesday? Well remember on yesterday's post I showed this picture of my next big project in the works (right above)? well I completed late last night with heavy weary eyes, but finished none-the-less! (scroll down!)

It has dainty soft fluttering butterflies on it....

And some vintage lace.....

Oh what could it be???

Oh wait....keep going!

There it is!!! my newest pillow made for myself! Here she is in all of her shining glory! Another spectacular pillow was born in minxden last night, a birth from my mind and my own 2 hands!

And yesterday I checked my mail box, and I got another order in the mail! my newest addition to my fabric family! how bright and cheery this fabric is, so summery! I am expecting another great fat quarter of vintage fabric ordered from a friend, some lace remnants, and a small terry cloth chintzy pink rose pillow for myself (got it for only 7 bucks! what a steal!) and it has an added bonus of bright pink yarn tassels all around the edges! That should be interesting when keeping my naughty feline companions from attacking and chewing on it! But I always love a challenge!

Whipped up these cute vintage fabric coasters! After watching a tutorial on making these, I realized just how easy and quick they are to make, a 30 minute meal would of taken longer to make! haha! I might make some sets of these and post them in MPD!

Practiced on some macro shots with my digital camera! I can say I am getting better with this concept! this is a close up on my vintage crocheted pot holders!

In my bedroom, I walk by these beautiful vintage fabric garlands all the time, and they always lightly caress me every time I walk on by, like they are reaching out, trying to get my attention! Hope everyone is having a great day like me!

A great day in the making:
1. An addition of 12 mewing playful kittens arrived at the cat house today (animal shelter) it's euphoric laying on the ground and having 12 tiny soft 10 week old kittens crawling all over you, I almost fell asleep!!!
2. Hubby has next 2 days off!
3. Lots of completed projects!
4. Creative mojo is racing at 200 mph!
5. Kansas bound in 2 weeks!
6. Vivaldi filling my ears with his music!


A bird in the hand said...

Well done!

I know you make totes, but have you thought about... shoe bags?


Jennie said...

Lol- I was surprised that it was a pillow... you had me thinking in a different direction. It's very, very sweet. Ooh, a bird in the hand- good idea! Like the shoe organizer bags that you hang up?

Minx's Den said...

what a fabtastic idea Colette!!! shoe bags! I love it! I could totally swing that! like staring out with a small one, then make them bigger and bigger? hmmm!

jennie-i wonder what direction you were thinking just out of curiosity...

A bird in the hand said...

I meant individual shoes bags with drawstring for one pair of shoes. But a hanging one is a great ideal too. It can be small for bits and bobs.

Minx's Den said...

oh i see! thats still a greay idea!