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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Vintage Fabric Kind Of Day

Oh how I just love it when I make a few vintage fabric orders on etsy, and they all arrive in my box the same day!

this one is awesome, and now my collection of this print is complete!!! I have a pink, blue, and now yellow!!!

This one is quite unique too, very bohemian!

This print seriously matches my living room lamp shade! HA! I was happy to find it!

This one I was searching for a couple of months, I also have this same print in yellow too!

Of course I like the vibrant ones

And these 2 are freebies from 2 orders, the one on the right is from a dear etsy friend! Thank you Jennie! you are awesome and soooooo generous!

1. Another Omaha trip today!
2. seaweed salad tonight for my dinner!
3. Watching True Grit with my hubs tonight
4. overloaded with fabrics!
5. snuggle time with my baby minxes!

1 comment:

Jennie said...

Aw, your welcome, Lauren- I knew you'd like that one and put it to fabulous use! Have a great weekend :)