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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Houses And Such...

Today I visited my vacation house...

I needed an escape...

I needed color to be all around me!

A quiet place to think and collect my thoughts.

I bet none of you knew I had a vacation home, did you?

I did 100% of the decorating...

haha, well ok....this house does literally exist, but the problem is this: I have to shrink down to 4 inches high to live here...but this house came from my mind and I visit it whenever I want to and just simply daydream.

My aqua dreams house, inspired by my dreams...this house (maison) is a newer version of my actual house, all covered in flowers and drenched in happiness! (Even my front door is almost a spot on match!)

My pillows runneth over again!!!!! ahhhhh!!!

Oh Miss Thursday, what goodies did you bring me today?
1. pre-purchased our harry potter 7.2 tickets for tomorrow!!!! so excited!
2. five guys burger today!
3. a 3 hour nap
4. a movie watching marathon this evening with the mister.
5. unearthed my old no doubt return of saturn CD and listened to them this morning!


Jennie said...

Your vacation home is precious- love the bathmat!!

Minx's Den said...

hehe thank you!!!!

Shirley Gonzalez-Day said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see the new HP movie. Hope you have fun. I'm seeing it next weekend.