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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mountains Of Pillows!

My sweet Brie Brie hanging out in my studio this morning as I was ironing...

Now that is one happy kitty! my Ci-Ci took over my newest etsy houseware buy, that cute vintage terry cloth rose pillow....she loves that thing so much! She always rests her head on all the vintage pillows I make, but she claims this one now...hehehe!

My sweet boys in the afternoon...they usually wind down between the hours of was a slightly stressful day, and today would of been a perfect day to kiss them and smell their feathers...parakeets have a certain spicy smell to them that I love, and it's too bad they aren't tame enough to let me have that tiny luxury.

Look at all of those vintage fabric pillows....they are running over me at times!

These 3 pillows are new and will be posted shortly! I haven't thought of clever names for them yet...

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