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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Calm After The Storm

Newest merchandise in my shop, sales have been very good, now at 239 as of this morning! (15 sales yesterday)

Had to throw in a pic of my new shop profile pic, me in my goofy my little pony bow, was a hair bow, but converted it into a "brooch" if you will...this is my Easter portrait too...

The last of the minxden pillows I decided to adopt into my own house hold...

But I see they are being put to good use as my hubby sleeps on them for napping adorable is that man of mine? I love watching him sleep.

Whoops, I awoke the mister....ummmm....hey baby, don't mind the camera! Now you can tell this is a married man, nestled in flowery girly sheets, blankies, and chic pillows...nothing sexier than seeing a married man just waking up snuggled in flowered linens, this should totally be in a magazine! Every wife, loves seeing their hubby's feminine sides, my husband is a 350 lbs. 6 foot 4 inch manly farm man raised on steak and potatoes and green beans, but this is a rare sight only I usually see, my big giant teddy bear man, who doesn't mind my extreme girly taste in home decor...he did marry a girly girl after all, which reminds me, our 4 year anniversary is coming up in about 6 weeks! wow! already!

It didn't matter anyway, cause there was another family member in our bed, my Ci-Ci.

Here's Ashes, the old lady kitty doing what she does best... "MEOW-OW-OW!" human translation..."Dad! wake up already! it's time for my afternoon snack!"

What a sleepy kitty I have! geeze, go back to bed then won't cha? (if you are wondering where my third furrbaby, Sabrina is, she was spending her "timeout" in the laundry room for being a naughty kitty earlier.

Well, the huge storm system had come and gone, a tornado went through my town, really scary, but luckily my house is fine, no major damage anywhere that I see this morning, And of course, me and my little family humans and felines both are safe and not injured. That being said, this would be the 2nd night in a row severe weather struck my little town and kept me awake most of the night, so I can see a Sunday's afternoon nap in order. Ci-Ci is already crashed on my flowery upholstered chair, dead to the world, Ashes snoozing comfortably on the back of my desk chair watching me with squinted eyes as I type, Sabrina licking her paw, my hubby wearily driving to work this morning (forgetting his sack lunch), and I am hungry like you wouldn't believe, since I only ate a few bites of food yesterday due to nerves of the tornado outbreak, so it's now time to nourish my weary body with a good hearty breakfast, but I am thinking I won't eat a typical breakfast....I am thinking, something weird! mmmm...haha! have a blessed Sunday, I won't be blogging again for at least a week, since I will be going back to my childhood hometown in Kansas to see family and just relax and breathe!


Jennie said...

So glad you made it through the storm with no trouble. Have a wonderful visit with your family :)

Minx's Den said...

thanks jennie! i plan on having fun and having out with my little sister!

Minx's Den said...


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