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Monday, April 2, 2012

One Hot Day Makes A Very Angry Minx Lynx

Today was so hot out! it reached 91 degrees here, but for my location this time of year, that's unheard of! and of course, my air conditioner is broke! This is what I get for moving into a foreclosed home that hasn't been maintained inside and out for over a year! (it was vacant for like 13 months I think before I moved in) and when that happens, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical work goes all to sh#t! My plumbing was a complete nightmare last winter, took 3 whole weeks to get it all fixed! thank goodness my heater worked alright, but had quite a mild winter this year, only 2 snows! But now that we have this freak of nature heat wave, my hubs and I had to endure 90 degrees in our house, baking ourselves, our poor kitties and budgies, and 3 days, 15 cold showers, 2 sleepless nights, a tub of ice cream, and 5 lactaid pills later, the friendly cold front from Canada is finally here and it is now 73 in my house. And also made 9 sales today in my etsy jewelry shop, this is nice! sold the pink glittery bow pictured right above as one of the 9 items I sold! yay!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, I am hopeful the rest of my week will be better...


A bird in the hand said...

We had our heatwave last week. Unfortunately the heating was on in my building and the air-conditioning doesn't come on until the heating is shut down, all of this being seasonal. The weather however wasn't being seasonal!! I have a table fan in my bedroom, otherwise sleep would have been very disturbed.
Hope it cools off for you soon. xoxo

chippednailpolish said...

woo hoo! i hope you do better and better. i haven't had a sale since sat. but its all good I'm still working on getting my shop out there. i want to put all my stuff up but i have too much. i'm putting tiny bits up each week. but all my shipments from orders i made a month ago are coming in ahh!
i hear ya on the heat, living in AZ most my life its a dry heat. i am not used to this texas humidity. yuck. while living here the last year i have noticed there is no good weather here. less than 2 weeks ago it snowed! then 2 days later it hit 80 degrees. then today the weather was a great tempeture but we had 40 mph winds....i will just stay inside from now on

Minx's Den said...

colette how hot did it get for you? hopefully not as hot down here! but luckily a cold front is now in place here and it's currently 52 outside and 64 in my house, my cats couldn't be happier!

heather, wow you had some weather extremes galore! we haven't had any snow here in Nebraska since late january/early february! and it seems like you order your stuff and supplies internationally huh! I just started doing that myself, Japan is very quick usually (7-10 days) I have a list in mind for when I need to shop next for more cabs! most of them consist of giant hello kitty bows! (squeal!)