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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Muggy Warm Day In The Rugged Lands While Searching For Monsters And Tiny Ponies

My, my what creature is this?? a pixie?? I can assure you all I am very much a human, my hubby just now is starting to call me "his pixie minx" I guess my short spikey hair reflects the pixie fairy in me! heheeeeeeee!

Today I am just sorting through my studio, forgot I had all of these smoking hello kitty cabs! I have one of these posted as a ring in my shop, I love these, not all cabs have to be cute or innocent!

My newest addition to the My Little Pony Family..."Up Up And Away" pony....I had this one once as a child, but lost her, she was one of my favorites, but found this again on another etsy site, she was 8 bucks and I had to have her. Now she is here to stay!

In my most recent dreams, I am dreaming that I am searching for my childhood treasures, especially the 40-50 petite ponies just like these 2 above...I ever so badly want to find the rest of my collection, but all I have are just these 2...sigh....

The monster search has begun, and I caught one! I made this little fella about 3 years ago in a cramped apartment bedroom in Kansas...I gave him the name of "Kashnikov". I have sold a few of these monsters in Minxden way back in the day, but I always had a soft spot for little Kashnikov, I didn't have the heart to sell him. Hope you all have a good weekend!


chippednailpolish said...

i just got so many hello kitty cabs in. and now i have a bunch of MLP's. i never liked either as a kid but for some reason i can't get enough of them now. minty is my favorite :)

i like the smoking hello kitty. i saw those but i didn't know if the cigs were glued on or supposed to be on there so i didn't order them. but they are cute

Minx's Den said...

fyi the cigarettes are a part of the cabochon, they aren't glued on or anything, i think the mold they were made with came that way! I'm thinkin I want to make myself a ring with one of them! lol well being born in 1982, I was so into the mlp and hello kitty, I had so many things from those 2, but lost a whole bunch of it so I am slowly trying to replace everything I can...minty is a really cute one too i think, I love pinkie pie the best, well pink is my most fave color!