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Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Absence...

It's been nearly 5 months since I last posted on my much has happened! where can I even start?

Well, most of my loved ones and friends know that I am no longer Living in Kansas...I reside In Nebraska now. I just moved there yesterday, and into an actual house! NO MORE APARTMENTS FOR ME!!! So I moved into a completely different environment with my hubby, 2 cats, 4 birds, with a horse trailer, uhaul trailer and 4 vehicles full of our possessions. I moved from a town of 40,000 people to a big city of 225,000 people. When one makes an upgrade like that, one would get lost driving about, which has already happened to me at least twice! But like a canadian goose, I always find my way back to my house amongst all of the madness...

24 hours after I parked my car in my driveway and hung my hat, I have had maybe 3 hours of sleep, a huge migraine, made a trip to walmart at 3 am with the hubby to seek out excedrine, locked myself out of my own house twice, had popeye's chicken first time in years, and became a laptop owner. So much more will happen later on this hubby has the whole week off before he starts work at his new job center where he was transfered to...I, of course will go hunting for a part time job, if no full timers are available, and on the 9th I will open my etsy shop back up to sell the pillows I love making!

Nebraska is an interesting state...alot like Kansas, but boy oh boy, are the roads shitty! Kansas obviously spends more tax dollars on their road systems cause once you hit the KS/NE boarder, it goes from smooth to rough at an instant. Dremamine comes in handy at times like this! (motion sickness) that and so many corn fields! I haven't seen a single wheat field in nebraska yet! I think I will miss the wheat fields, the waving golden wheat heads swaying in the wind...

My neighborhood is quite nice...very quaint and the people living there are so tightly knit! I already met 2 of my neighbors, and they are so down to earth and pleasent! Even the neightborhood pets are very neighbor's cat, "Jacks" likes to visit me when I am out on my porch, he just trots right up to me and sleeps on my front porch...he's well behaved and is not a bother to anyone. I really like him. The only thing I hate about my neighborhood are the damn trains! the railroad tracks are just shy of about 50 yards from my house and every train that rolls by seems to shake the house! and this happens between 20-30 times daily, even at night!

There will be more to follow, even pictures...but my neck is starting to strain and my eyes are adjusting to this new laptop...I will close for now! stay tuned!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey Pood, glad to hear you're moved and settling in. I live right beside railroad tracks too. Can't keep anything on the walls straight and the drywall screws keep popping through the tape and making holes in my walls/ceilings. Yay, fun. NOT! But you do get used to it and even sleep through the trains after a while.

Good luck getting a job quickly and enjoy Nebraska and living in a house.

Love and hugs,


Shirley said...

Glad you made it to your new home. Am anxious to hear and see about your most recent adventure. Happy you are blogging again.

amelia said...

Nice to see you back!!

We lived right next to the tracks in Toronto when we lived there and you get so used to it that if someone asks whether you hear the trains all the time, you would wonder if they were still running because you really DON'T hear them.

I hope your new life works well for you and hubby and that he enjoys his job.