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Friday, November 6, 2009

lazy day

this whole week seemed to be so busy for me, so I ahve decided to stay in the house today with my hubby and just relax, and do a little light unpacking here and there...right now I am washing my "flowers blankie", this blanket I have had for going on 24 years now, and yes, as a married 27 year old grown up I still sleep with it every night. It needed a good washing anyway in my new washer/dryer set.

My cat, ci-ci just came up to me to say hi. She is such a curious cat, she has always been fascinated whenever I type in my laptop...Sabrina is also very happy with the house, her personality seems to be so much better than when she lived in the apartment with me! Still haven't seen Mr. Jacks outside, I actually wonder if something happened to him! I will keep a lookout for him daily.

My hubby really enjoys his new tv and playstation 3. It's hard to peel him off the couch since he got it, but he has always wanted those very badly, I should just let him have his fun. Just 3 more days until my hubby goes back to work at his new location, he's pretty nervous he says. I think he will do just fine. I will be looking for a job early next week, or however long it takes to find a part time job. I have decided to seek part time because I will be working also part time for my etsy shop and I heard 2 part timers equal a full timer. lol.

I'm sure on where to begin on job hunting, but I think I will look on since that very website helped me find a home in less than 2 weeks. I recieved a nice letter from my mom last night in the mail! I was so excited to get my very first hand written letter in Lincoln! yay! I just sat on my porch, didn't even make it inside my house and just read it. It has always been so comforting to get letters from my mom, she started this trend when I went off to college 60 miles away. And over the years, it just stuck on and she has written me off and on for over 8 years, since I left the nest. I always write her back.

Now Sabrina is on my new desk just hanging out. My hubby bought me a new desk for my office, it's not too big, but it's really cute! He got it at target, and the wood color is just gorgeous!well, I am running out of things so say, so I will stop for now. Have a great day y'all!


Shirley said...

Glad to see you back on the blog. Looking forward to seeing your shop back up.

Minx's Den said...

just a couple more days, shirl!