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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beautiful Day...

The sunlight has finally poked through the clouds here in Nebraska...and the morning light is absolutely pristine in my neighborhood! It's bitter cold out though, a bone chilling 23 degrees right now...I am currently waiting for an electrician to show up this morning to fix my brand new dryer, it runs ok but it shocks the hell out of me just touching every part of the dryer, I think it's not grounded right, so instead of my hubby risking his life fixing it, we thought it would be best to hire a professional to do it.

My new studio a.k.a. my little slice of heaven holds the most bountiful eastern morning light, and my 4 birds have never chirped so happily until now. Ci-Ci and Brie-Brie (my 2 cats) even love hanging out in here too! I sat on my porch all bundled up like a snow bunny just taking in my new environment and watched the chickadees play about in the tree in my front yard. I saw my new little feline friend "Jacks" this morning as well...he walked up the steps and onto my porch to wish me a good morning, and so I fed him a little food. He didn't finish it all, so I think he will be back later today and finish eating. I have been told my my neighbor, Sue that Jacks loves my front proch the best because it gets the most sunlight all day until dusk. "Well, he's more than welcome to share my front porch," I tell her.

My hubby and I have so much to do today, we have to go to target and purchase a carbon monoxide detecter, a night light, groceries, and a lamp shade...we are still very far from getting finished unpacking. More info will come later.


kim said...

A house?! Awesome! I am so glad you all got there safe and sound. How far are you from your Momma?

Minx's Den said...

I am about 250 miles from home....farthest I have ever been...

Jess said...

Glad things are working out for you....and so happy that you are happy!

Lots of love and glad to see you posting again.

Missed you girl!