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Thursday, November 5, 2009

All A New

A very eventful day today...just bought a 32" flat screen tv, well my hubby picked it out...that and he got a play station 3 to go with his tv....I told him, no more gadgets, we've spent enough! well we went and took another gander at Lincoln...I got some salt water taffy that tastes just like the taffy I remember eating as a kid in colorado on hot summer days. I am thinking I am going to buy a few bags of it and give some to my mom, who also has the same love for taffy...

we tried out a new restaurant today, y'all ever heard of noodles and company? well, we went there and it was so good! joe got the japanese pan noodles and I got the mushroom beef stroganoff. I want to go back and try something new as soon as I can! We find something new everyday in Lincoln, but the traffic will always be bad everywhere we go...I still haven't ventured out in my own car yet, but will have to soon when I go look for a job.

It's been 2-3 days since I have seen little jacks, he's such a sweet cat, and I have grown quite fond of him. I might set out some food for him tonight, maybe he will come back and eat it.

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amelia said...

Those electronic gadgets can soon put you in the poorhouse!! All my grandchildren have this stuff and the price just blows me away!!

I'm glad you're enjoying your new home and the noodles place sounds wonderful! I'm glad there's not one around here (there's nothing here!) because I'd be twice the size I am now and I'm already plenty big enough!!!