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Sunday, November 8, 2009

He's Back!

I was sitting outside on my porch tonight when I saw movement across the street...It was little Jacks the neighborhood cat walking along the sidewalk towards the house where he lives...I knew he wanted to get home so I didn't bother calling him over, but this is the sad part, he gets over to his house and he props himself onto his hind legs and scratches the front door and response from within, so he leaps onto a window sill and does the same thing...still no response. 15 minutes pass by and I just decided to call him over...he hears me and he makes the slow short walk of about 30 yards over to my house and trots onto my front porch. I was so happy to see him, it had been about 5 days! He looked very hungry and thirsty so I call out to my hubby who was right inside the house to fetch him some food and water. A moment later, my hubby hands me the essentials for little jacks to nourish himself with. He gets right to eating and after eating some of his food, he hangs out with me and purrs thankfully and rubs up on my legs. What a sweet little guy he is, but at the same time I am sad because I know his owner doesn't feed him as much as he needs, let alone give him water. Jacks is a brown and white lanky cat with his ribs showing and whenever i caress his backside, I can feel every little bump along his spine. All that poor creature needs is love and attention and food. I sure gave him what he needed. Poor little fella. I was always told to be kind to those in need, to me that includes animals that need someone. Jacks souly depends on the kindness of his neighbors, and he now knows that whenever he visits, he will get fed and recieve love and attention. Jacks decided to rest on my soft doormat tonight, which he is more than welcome to...I gave him a tender kiss on the top of his weary head and bid him a goodnight. Jacks is my new little companion, and I thank God for little miracles like this.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

My hubby has adopted a stray orange tabby tomcat we call Luther. For once it was hubby that adopted a stray. Usually it's me. ;o)

I know what you mean about being relieved to see them finally make it home after worrying about them for so long, even if they're not even really your pet. It doesn't take much to get attached to them, does it?

How much does it cost to offer basic human kindness and compassion to a poor, helpless animal? What goes around comes around, both for good in your case, and for bad on Jacks' so-called masters.

Hope you have a great new week, Pood.

Love and hugs,


amelia said...

Why don't you ask your neighbour if you can have him? They might not want him very much, you never know!

Shirley said...

Hi Lauren: My daughter is taking care of three cats that were abandoned when one of her neighbors moved away. I can't believe the way people dispose of their animals. Good for you for giving Jack some love and care.

kansasrose said...

awwww...that's my girl. (hug)

kansasrose said...

God said what is done to the least of his creatures is done to Him. God sees the good...