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Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's A Pillow And Blanket Kind Of Day...

My newest pillow creation!

I sewed an antique heart doily onto it, really gave the pillow a nice feminine touch! smells so good!

And here's me snuggling with the antique rose quilt I bought a couple days ago....this quilt was indeed loved before by her previous owner, now she found love again with me! (and my cat Sabrina)...:)

What Made This Gloomy Day Seem Almost Sunny:
1. chocolate!!
2. my 2 new pillows to snuggle with
3. hubby is making spaghetti bolognese tonight! mmmmm!
4. Another nice long chat long distance with my mummy!
5. made more vintage scrap garlands for my mom, sister, and a new friend!
6. Netflix is down, so that means more one on one time with the hubby (no TV) so maybe board games?