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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Funday

My newest completed project....I used another one of my sparrow cut outs!

This morning, my hubby and I went on a very pleasant bike ride to the green gateau for brunch! Here I am standing outside the restaurant with my pink bike! And yes, I wear a helmet, safety always comes first!

My sexy tiger hubby riding bikes with me!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!

What made my day so fun!
1. green gateau breakfast!!! mmmmmm
2. made a new hoop for hanging on my wall!
3. made a HUGE pillow order yesterday (51 pillows!!!!)
4. snuggle time with Ci-Ci this morning early!
5. enjoying a nice cold ramune sangria japanese soda!!


Mama Pants said...

Sounds like a fantastic Sunday! I haven't been to Green Gateau for ages, need to go back. I think it is wonderful that you guys rode your bikes there. Is that the soda that has the ball thingee in it and you press down and carbonates? My daughter had one of those one time and really like it too! 51 pillows? You were a very busy seamstress. My meows are having a wonderful day in the windows, so nice out!

Minx's Den said...

yes it is the soda with the ball you push down, I love them so much! I can drink like 6 in a day! My cats are enjoying this nice weather too!

Mama Pants said...

Where do you buy it? We only found it at Rocket Fizz.

Minx's Den said...

i go to rocket fizz too, but there is a place called vina market, it's a Vietnamese grocery store on 27th