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Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Spring Time Finds!

What a day it has been! I must admit to you all that my morning did not go so swimmingly...and by the noon hour I was bright red with anger, my steam engine ready to blow! (problems at the grocery store not knowing how to swipe my credit card and ending up charging me twice, no bueno!) but before my hubby leaves for work, he tells me to go out and have some 'me' time....(his way of saying, go antiquing, you will feel better) and right he was! I actually haven't gone antiquing since January, and I was long overdue for another thrifting journey! Today was simply a really good day in finding so much fun stuff, this little rubber bunny included, joining my household just in time for Easter!

This is a small table runner I am actually planning on sewing onto a pillow someday soon!

And by golly looky what I found! VINTAGE FABRICS! AFTER SEARCHING FOR NEARLY 4 MONTHS, I FINALLY SCORE! I especially love the one with the pink roses on the very top of the stack! oh did my heart go pitter patter! I had to dig deep for those fabrics too!

Can you guess what this is??? It's a vintage table cloth! The colors are spectacular!

Snagged this cute dainty bunny picture and frame for only $1.25!!!!

And now I have my first 2 vintage pot holders, and yes they are hanging in my bedrrom! haha, my hubby will cock his head at that one I know it!

But I saw about 100 beanie babies in the window display of this antique store, and that's why I ran inside hoping to find some rare good ones, and boy did I! Only 3 bucks each and in mint condition too, I snagged these 6 bears....the peace bear (middle tye-dye) was my favorite! The dark purple violet one is pretty rare too, I even found the 'Ty-2k' one!!! Like I said there were about 100 of them, but sadly I don't have the money to buy all of them, but at least for 18 bucks I was able to give these 6 little dears a second chance in a new home! They look pretty happy don't you think?

And I finally finished my small 3 incher patchy patchwork pillow!

What made my bad day turn good:
2. All my other antique finds!
3. knowing one of my vintage fabric orders will be in my mailbox by 5pm tonight!
4. fresh new ideas for cute pillows around my house! (trying for the summer look now)
5. watching Ci-Ci sleep in my polyfil!


just jane said...

I am glad to see you had a good day! And just in time for Easter. Antiquing is a favorite sport of mine as well! Perhaps I will have to find time to look around, myself. It has been a long time coming, and I think I deserve a little "Me" time as well. Peace, Jane

Mama Pants said...

You have the rare ability to see beyond the clutter and find the treasure. I admit when I go to antique stores it can be overwhelming, and I usually walk out without anything.

I loved the bunny picture the most.