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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Round 2 How About You?

Decided on this cold dreary cloudy rainy day to venture on I-80 and I end up in this really big antique mall near Lincoln....and 49 dollars later I came home with the following....above you will see a pink plastic hollow bunny....this was from the 50's you can put mini candies in it with some cellophane green grass....thought it would look cool on my studio window sill, there was a yellow one too, but the pink one truly spoke to me...

It was a good day for finding quilts....

This pink rose one was the absolute steal of the year! 9 bucks! can you believe that??? there are some flaws and this quilts has some wear and tear on it, but my master seamstress ways can bring it back to life (after I wash it with my home made vinegar rinse and another washing with my home made borax laundry soap) but when I saw it, I had to have it and NOW!

Well technically this isn't a quilt, because it is unfinished! this was the most expensive buy ($24.50) and there are parts of it I am not too smitten with, but then again there are parts of it I really do love! this quilt will grow on me in time, but I got it for the purpose of finishing it for the one who didn't get to complete's pretty big, i think it may be a full sized quilt...

I am trying to rebuild my lace stash since it along with many other things of mine mysteriously disappeared in my out of state move to Nebraska....hmmmmmm.......

Found an old heart doily!! I think this was 1.25, very cheap! this will find it's way onto a pillow one fine day in the near future!

And lastly, added 3 more vintage hot pads to my small collection, they always say when you have 3 of something it upgrades to collection status! Which makes me wonder....what do you blog readers of mine collect? here is a list of what I collect....get ready, this list can be quite lengthy.....

1. vintage hot pads
2. Ty Beanie Babies
3. Vintage Fabrics
4. Designer Fabrics
4. Buttons (new and old)
5. Vintage Pillowcases
6. Domino Magazines (but sadly they have been out of print for a while)
7. vintage doilies
8. Hand made bird ornaments
9. Fun plates
10. Throw pillows (mostly handmade by me)
11. Comforters (Usually purchased from Target)
12. Shoes
13. Purses
14. Pajama Pants
15. Stationery
16. Bird Figurines
17. Cat figurines
18. Bohemian dresses
19. Pyrex bowls and dishes
20. aprons (old and new)
21. Drawer Knobs
22. Crocheted Hangers
23. Skeins of yarn
24. Cabochons
25. Ribbons (most inherited from my nonie)
26. Felt
27. Postcards (old and new)
28. Troll Dolls
29. My Little Pony Dolls
30. Stuffed Animals (Dang, if I have any daughters, they will be set for life when it comes to having toys!)

I could seriously go on for miles, but I will stop right here.....

Happy sewing to me, and happy fun springy days to you!


amelia said...

Your list is impressive. I just collect plates that my son brings me from each of the countries he visits for his job. So far I have 25 and he has one at his home waiting for me from Moscow, Russia so that will be 26!!

Minx's Den said...

cool! you know i love plates, especially ones with birds and flowers on them! I have an old aqua plate with a sparrow on it, my mom gave to me a few years ago and she said that plate was easily over 100 years old!

A bird in the hand said...

Those quilts are heavenly! You did good. I think I have a couple of Beanie Babies somewhere around here. I'll have to look for them and see if you have them or not.

Minx's Den said...

thank you colette! I even snuggled with my 9 dollar quilt last night while watching a movie, my cat Sabrina fell asleep on it! I am planning on sewing a heart on it to cover the hole....i didn't know you liked beanie babies! that is so cool! I have about 80 of them now, I think they are so so darling! have a good day colette!!!!