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Monday, April 4, 2011


So what the heck is in this box???

My newest find!!! My etsy sales have been very good these past few days, so for $8.95, I thought I would treat myself to this cute little find! It's a dancing flower fueling off nothing but solar it bobs from side to side it makes a little clicking noise, very soothing to me! It now sits in my window sill upstairs in my studio!

Sabrina likes it, she started to paw at it because of it's movements!

Ci-Ci took a gander at it, but wasn't generally too interested....

Another funny find! "cat piddle" soda... It's "SODAsgusting!" I found it in this place called rocket fizz, a soda pop shop in my local area! lol it's not really kitty tinkle, but it sure looks like it though, but the actual flavor is orange pineapple....I have always been into the geeky stuff! It takes me back into my childhood, I used to travel 20 miles from my home town and into this tiny town of about 5,000 people (a Swedish town) and there was this toy store called "Main St. Toys" and this place had it all....the funky candy to gag gifts, to plastic charms in a jar, to slap bracelets, to beanie babies.....that store is now closed forever, and I will forever miss it....

And most important, my mom's birthday is today! Happy birthday mum-mum! I love you and see you in about 3 weeks!!! This pic of me and my mom was taken last June here in Lincoln, she came up by riding an amtrak train to visit me and my hubby! She loved the farmers market the best I think!

What made my unbirthday seem like a birthday:
1. yummy soda!
2. 3 more etsy sales!
3. my new dancing solar flower happily dancing on my window sill!
4. my first daffodil in my garden bloomed this morning! spring has sprung!
5. had sushi for lunch!


Mama Pants said...

You seem to find joy in everything. You are so refreshing! Funny thing is I saw that Kitty Piddle soda yesterday because we went to Rocket Fizz too! I was looking for one of the Japanese sodas you are fond of, but they were all out, so we go some other stuff. What a fun store that is!!!!!!

Minx's Den said...

thank you georgia! you know i went there 3 days ago, they were then out of that ramune soda too....bummer!

Anonymous said...

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