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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Really Busy Day!

Here is just about a dozen pillows finished out of the 51 pillow order....since I am getting over a bladder infection, and now fighting off a new sore throat that just started yesterday, it's been tricky getting things done, not to mention, I have 4 OTHER PILLOW ORDERS TO COMPLETE on top of that!!! I am hoping this is just another stupid cold, AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOT ANOTHER STREP THROAT INFECTION!!! I had strep this time of last year, and it was not fun...I have 17 pillow sleeves (they aren't stuffed with polyfil and sewn shut yet) completed though, I have another 32 total sleeves to make, (it gets time consuming). I haven't made this many pillows in a short time span since I reopened my shop after moving to Nebraska! By the time this weekend hits, don't be surprised if I do not make any blog posts hence I will be sleeping for like a month!

A various studio shot, my sweet pink shabby tree my mom gave to me 3 birthdays ago! You can see Clone and Stella, even Doris and Edmund basking in the sunlight, while I still have my snowman ornament hanging down low (he earns a higher spot during the winter months)

"Tick......Tick......Tick." The sound of my new kawaii inspired flower friend bobbing and swaying because of the sunlight!

Ci-Ci loving her some sun, it really makes her furr smell so good!

And Brie-Brie quietly sitting on the stairs...

Had another dream of my grandparent's former house last night, for some reason, I am going through another phase, I can't describe it, but I am really missing this place right now...But my dreams took me there again last night, it was a very pleasant dream indeed...

The good perks of today:
1. beautiful day out, may reach 70 again!
2. Hubby is going to sbarros to get me some pizza (working fuel)
3. Found some new fabric on another etsy store that I may purchase (I instantly fell in love!)
4. Will be getting some orders completed!
5. Made 3 more additional orders AGAIN today!


Jennie said...

FIFTY ONE pillows in one order???!!! Is this a wholesale job? Whatever it is, congratulations, and keep up the good work!!

Minx's Den said...

nope not a wholesale, she seriously puts these all around her house and gives some as gifts too (she ordered 23 pillows last xmas)! thank you! looks like we both have big projects to work on!!! congratulations to you as well jennie!!! :)