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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chintz Inspired

More cute flowery pillows were added to my shop today, found some real beautiful floral prints in Omaha the other day I now have 3 Hello Roses Pillows out for grabs now! and even 2 more Picnic Bouquets Pillows too! I'm not up to much today, have the day off, I will be cleaning a little bit this evening, maybe work on a few more pillows to post in my shop...My house is now filled with a strong peach smell courtesy of bath and body works (gotta love those wallflower plug ins) my tummy is starting to rumble, may eat some leftovers from last night, don't really feel like cooking tonight since the hubby works till nearly midnight! At least the weather is warmer today and full of sun! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!!!

What made my day today:
1. Frozen Yogurt with my favorite fixins
2. Currently Stroking Ci-Ci's warm furr as she is basking in the sunlight
3. new wallflower plug ins
4. Made 6 more Pillows to post in my shop!
5. Sold an 'orphan' pillow today! yay!

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