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Friday, April 15, 2011

Few Words, Mostly Pictures

Went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha yesterday with the hubs, got some amazing pics of some of the best looking animals! No words can really describe what I captured...

New book found at Anthropologie (I got a shirt from there too)

Had a great fabric hunt!

I fell in love with these drawer knobs right from the moment I first saw them, snagged them also from Anthropologie, they will go on my wardrobe downstairs in my living room...ahhhhh aqua dreams!

What I call good:
1. butterflies surrounding me in the butterfly dome at the zoo, (they were VERY friendly)
2. ordered some more vintage fat quarters on etsy
3. got my amy butler bundle in yesterday I ordered!
4. had the BEST fettucine alfredo ever at this place called Pasta Amore in Omaha...
5. finally getting the rain we so desperately needed!
6. just generally lovin life right now!
7. lost my "Anthropologie Virginity" (what a great store!)


Jennie said...

Those knobs are beautiful!! Sounds like everything is full of sunshine for you these days- that's great to hear!!

Minx's Den said...

thanks jennie!!! and that fat quarter i ordered from you will make my days even brighter!!! I plan on using that fabric by making another pillow....

Mama Pants said...

I am infatuated with Anthropologie right now. I can't fit into the clothes, but their shoes are divine!I have been haunting eBay for ones I can afford. I didn't realize that there was a store in Omaha, now I must go forth and conquer. I love the knobs, but I love Aqua anything.Good job as usual.

Skinny Minx said...

thanks georgia! yes indeed an anthropologie is in omaha, right by the whole foods actually!