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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leaves In The Air

The wind is so strong today! After meeting up with my hubby's grandmother for lunch, it felt like the wind just took the breath right out of me, so I seeked the warm cozy shelter of my apartment. My hubby has the day off today, and I'm just sitting here typing away, hearing the sounds of the strong 40 mph winds outside, and my hubby snoaring in our bedroom (he's taking a catnap). It looks like I have developed a real bad cold, couldn't sleep last night, my throat hurt and I was and still feel very achy. My hubby went to the store this morning and brought home a few more art supplies for me to work on my inventory, He got me the cutest bird stickers! They are from the brand of the wonderful Martha Stewart! He is such a sweet man to be married to...I just love those little favors he does for me...

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kansasrose said...

Those are so cool! Love that...hey honey post some pics of your adorable studio! My friends are nosy old broads ( me too) we wanna see your digs!!! :D