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Friday, November 7, 2008

Here I am, at 2:00 in the morning trying to get some work done for my new etsy shop. Boy is it hard work! I never thought it would be so time consuming! Kudos to all of you people with an etsy or ebay site, it indeed takes some very hard work, and very long hours. I'm still not even halfway done posting my items yet! My hubby is sleeping sound, in fact, I don't even hear him snoaring. This darn cold has progressed to runny nose, sneezing, pressure headaches, body aches, slight fever, coughing, and a slight lack of motor functions (since I can't type as well at night). The world's not all that bad, I have a little friend here with me on my desk, i just took a pic of her. My cat "Brie-Brie", short for Sabrina is keeping me good company right now, I don't know where my other cat is (Sabrina's sister, "Ci-Ci"), she's most likely sleeping next to my hubby. But every time, day or night when I'm working in my office, Brie-Brie is right there watching me, purring loudy, and occasionally rubbing her face on my arm when she wants attention. I thank God for little moments like that, having a soft creature show affection to someone 100 times their size with total 100% trust in their owner. I can only drop what I'm doing and pet her, scratch her chin, and smell her back. CATS RULE!!!!


kansasrose said...

AWWWW...Hey honey I'm gonna chat ya up today on my ole dusty blog! Gotta show my COOL eldest girl off to my blogging-best girlitas!!! :D Did I tell you I love ya? Give Bri and Ci a hug...and my son-in-law... hubster of yours a big hug too! I luv that Joe-man went out for you yesterday on his day off and bought you some supplies. That rocks this mama's heart. (I know what I'm gettin' you for Christmas...hehe) Take 'er easy...drink plenty of hot 'sleepytime' tea ( do you have some?) Have your Joe-man make you some good soup. Loveya babe, God Bless mamere

kansasrose said...

ps... ACat is sick today and home. She say's Hey L! xo

kansasrose said...

You will LOVE my bestest rockin' prairieclan of womengirlfriends! They are so COOL, smart and supportive...and SWEET as pie! FUNNY TOO! out for some gorgeous gals to stop by your minxden blog crib. they will rock it out

ps bewares of that BIG E!! ;D ( Ellen) obeehave of Mango havenFloridaisland...she will keep ya on your toes and laughin' your head off. you need to put a hit meter on your blog. have joeman help you they are fun