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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Fine And Dandy Day In May

My Brie Cheese.....

My snuggle bug.....

Sorry for the long absence! Been healing, volunteering, super spring cleaning, grilling, walking, traveling, bicycling, you name it! I have been super busy lately! Got my vintage fabric collection all organized finally, from big scraps/fat quarters all the way down to the teeny tiny odd shaped scraps! Been working real hard on my new life style change...lost now 20 pounds since the surgery, and a full dress size might I add! All I am doing is eating right and mild to moderate exercise! I also think the extra yard work outdoors helps too, my hubby and I are working hard to get rid of the colony of massive weeds that grew in our back yard! we finally broke down yesterday and bought some round up weed killer, the hard core stuff so all we have to do now is wait....

What on earth is that???

My lucky lavender stick! My mom gave this to me several years ago, I found it in another forgotten box down in my basement, and it still smells oh so good! my cats even like to take the occasional whiff without sneaking off with it in their mouths....hehehe

Here's me with my newest made pillow!

My vintage fabric scrap garland friends softly and slowly dancing in my bedroom courtesy of my new bedroom fan!

Meant to take a picture of this, but the day before my surgery, I was feelin stressed, scared, and distracted, so I went to one of like 7 goodwills in my town and came across a pair of these pillow cases, only 1.99 I was so happy to come across them! now they live with me and my hubs happily.

Found this half rusted metal fairy at my parent's last month when I was visiting...even though half of her is missing and broken off, I decided to take her back home with me to Nebraska and I gave her a hanging string and hung her in my bedroom window....I kind of like that she has stood the sands of time in the Kansas outdoors and became rusted and distressed...

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, I will be having great 3rd wedding anniversary coming up on the 6th of June!

What's closing my month of may in a good way:
1. today was my red meat day! (only 1 day per week I have allotted myself red meat)
2. down the 20 pound mark as of this morning!
3. looking forward to receiving a HUGE vintage scrap pack!!
4. finally warming up into the 80's this week!
5. my 3rd wedding anniversary in 6 days!


A bird in the hand said...

It's so good to see you healed and back in the swing of things.
hugs and kisses

Jennie said...

You're welcome to some of my hot weather- it's in the mid 90s here. O_O Congratulations on your weight loss milestone- that's awesome in such a short amount of time. And guess what? Your anniversary is my birthday! And my anniversary is two days after that :)

Shirley Gonzalez-Day said...

You are looking wonderful Keep up the healthy eating. Love to hear about that.