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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"The Lucky Date"

Well it looks like my lucky date for my cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) will be on Monday, May 16th (6 more days from now)! I'm am not too excited for this since this is my first surgery ever performed on my body...I know, at least it will be done and over with and by this same time 2 weeks from now, I will feel good as new and will be getting my life back, but I have to tell you, I have the biggest fear of hospitals, being cut open, and worse yet, going under general anesthesia. I haven't gone thru being put under, I heard some horror stories, it's freaking me out just by typing this out, I can't believe it....I AM HAVING SURGERY NEXT WEEK!!! I won't be typing much this week, I have no new projects that I worked on, I don't think I could work on anything new right now, I am upset and hubby says he is not scared at all, but he isn't going through this! I am! I am only 28 and my health has downhill so far in the last few years, and with my gallbladder being compromised, the symptoms make me feel triple my age. That and I do need to lose some more weight, I always over eat even when slightly stressed. I have decided many things are going to change now....I decided to completely alter my diet, I will be cutting ALL fats, even right down to not putting creamer in my coffee, by which caffeine will be very limited, hopefully completely avoided in the next couple of months. I have already had a head start on this, even before my surgery....I will not be eating anymore red meats at all, just white meats and fish, crab has cholesterol so I won't be eating that either anymore, NO MORE CHEESE only ricotta and cottage cheese with the lowest % milk fat, I will be eating 2 hard boiled eggs per week, nothing but clear (ish) liquids, water will be 95% of my liquid intake, no more pop, sweet tea, and coffee very sparingly....I have also started experimenting with tofu, like tofurkey...I will be eating lots of home made asian inspired dishes, very little salt, no more high sodium foods either, I am now intaking at least 2 servings of veggies and 2 servings of fruit daily now, no more pizza, fried foods are completely out of the question, I will not be intaking any gluten only whole grains....that more pasta with alfredo sauce. Everything needs to be organic and not pumped full of hormones, my doc says those things are bad for the liver...yogurt (greek) is good once everyday, either for a dessert or for breakfast, I can have turkey bacon too, 2 pieces for more processed deli meats either, no mayo, just mustard. Also in addition, I will no longer be intaking any alcohol, that won't be a problem for me though since I only drink socially and on certain occasions...and lastly, every single day I will be going for 15 minute brisk walks, and/or riding my bike either in the evenings or early mornings when it is cool out.....
I have also decided to switch jobs. oh no I will always have my minxden job, but my current part time job is starting to get to me, my hours have diminished to almost nothing since so many more people were hired and the labor needs to be evenly spread out, I took that job only for a temporary source of income, and then I would find something else that is full time only and better pay, so my resignation takes effect after this friday, that am retail really isn't my calling anyway, I am pretty tired of it. (I wanted to at least finish out this week out of courtesy) the resignation thing may not make sense to others, since my recovery time from my surgery is 7-10 days max, but I also want to take some time and focus souly on my health and spirit...I also think getting involved with a church should be good for me, since my faith has been shaken, I am also volunteering at the cat house in lincoln to help poor kitties in need, my husband and I are doing this together (I will be doing this 2x weekly starting 2 weeks from now) so I will be plenty busy, also I have applied to several desk jobs ( which is what I really want for a job)...I also want to lower my cholesterol to a better level too. Like I said lots of changes and for the better too, my hubby is totally supportive on my job switch decision...After my surgery next week, I will be posting some more and letting my readers know how things are going. I ask for your prayers if you pray to a higher power, or your thoughts if you do not, for the surgery to go well, and for a speedy recovery....I AM READY TO GET MY PAIN FREE LIFE BACK AND MY HEALTH BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS AND FEEL LIKE A 28 YEAR OLD IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL!


Mama Pants said...

I know you are anxious, and scared, but take a deep breath, and pray. You are taking on a lot of changes, but keep in mind if you can't keep them all up at one time that is OK too. You did the right thing by giving notice, and it is good that you are taking the time to heal your body and soul. I don't want to sound cliche, so I won't give you the normal platitudes. Take care of yourself, and let your hubby take care of you during the recovery. And know that I am rooting for you in my corner of the internet.

Shirley Gonzalez-Day said...

Lauren: I am anxious for you to be feeling well again. You are right, a 28 year old should not feel bad all the time. I am happy you are not returning to your retail job. I think there are better things out there for you and you are the "pillow queen" after all. I wish you much luck on your surgery and will be thinking about you on May 16th.