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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting My Life Back....

This was taken the night before my surgery....what a sweet sight!

And today I got a picture of my sweet boys!

I made a couple of projects the day before my surgery to keep myself occupied....this is the seed catcher I made for my boys' cage, they are real messy and fling bird seed everywhere!

On the day of my surgery I got spoiled big time! Here are the wonderful roses my hubby got for me!

These are the goodies my mum got me at the hospital gift shop! My kitty card, a lilac scented candle and the beautiful "Kansas Angel" is what I call her!

Here is a closer look at the Kansas Angel, I added my little touch to her, I gave her a little scarf for those chilly days upstairs in my studio, which is now her permanent home! I just used a tiny piece of vintage fabric for her scarf! how cute!!!!!

And my most recent pillow I made, simple but chic!

I am feeling much better today on day 4! I am basically muscle sore now, my sore throat from the breathing tube is gone, and my incisions are looking better today and are not as swollen! My life is already made an improvement! I like it!

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amelia said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better!! The throat thing is miserable from the breathing tube and can give you neck pain too!

When one of our dogs was put out to be stitched recently he didn't bark for about five days after because of the painful throat from the tube.

I guess having the tube there if it's needed is better that not having it and then needing it.