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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Going Outdoors!

Mizz Trudy Elna (my sewing machine and business partner) was indeed busy the other day!! look at this 40 feet long vintage scrap garland I made for my fence line between mine and my neighbor's yard!

They love their new out door home! Dancing in the wind!

And this hangs off my front porch, it's a wind chime effect, they can blow upward pretty high on even 10-15 mph winds!

Here is my sexy husband mowing our backyard one morning not too long in the that mower baby! hehe that mower was given to us last summer from my papa (grandpa)'s been a blessing and a joy to have and use!

And yes, there's me 6 days after surgery, feeling great! Sorry for my 5 day absence, just resting as best as I can, working on some crafting, and preparing to go to Kansas this weekend for my niece and nephew's baptism!

What's making my day feel great!
1. calming rain and distant thunder
2. Hubby is making me some home made pasta sauce!
3. down 13 pounds since the surgery! yay!
4. my new 40 footer garland
5. my soft bathrobe I am wearing right now with my jammies past noon!!!!


Jennie said...

I recognize some of those fabrics! What a sweet way to add a little whimsy to the fence :)

Minx's Den said...

i bet you recognize them! haha most of them are what I ordered from you! it was a spur of the moment idea!

kim said...

I can't believe the difference in how you look. You have a glow, a different glow.....healthy. I am SO glad you got this taken care of. It has been a rough year +, for you.

All the toxins are gone!!!
Love you!!!!!

Minx's Den said...

well thank you auntie kim!!! i do feel so much better and in a healthy way, lost now 15 pounds since the surgery! this is awesome and I am so happy to get my life and energy back! love you too!!!