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Monday, January 2, 2012

Kawaii Time All The Time!!!!

Even though the last couple days my hair faded drastically from a purple fuchsia color to this bright neon pink with cotton candy pink highlights, I really like this more faded look actually! That and I use the dove brand color treatment shampoo/comditioner.
Haha, the only purply part you see left is the small section right below my hair bows I am wearing!

I am just loving the look I am sportin today, jewelry and all!

Here's my various collection of cabochons I use to make my minxdenpartdeux kawaii jewelry! I have quite a bunch! I knew that pyrex dish would come in handy!

How many of you love happy ice cream cones? I generally don't care too much for ice cream. I found out I may be in fact lactose!

Strawberry ice creams scoops, anyone?

But I am never Hello Kitty intolerant! Hope my readers had a great new years! How did I spend my new years you all ask? well, it wasn't the greatest, got real tired new years eve and seriously fell asleep at 8pm! and the next day we went to cracker barrel, but had to drive straight home immediately thereafter due to "digestive issues" and then proceeded to stay in all day napping and watching movies, at least my hubby had new years day off...he doted on me all day yesterday. This morning, marks the 5th anniversary of my grandpa's death, I still and will always miss him, was a little sad while getting a few groceries, so my sweet dear hubby got me some cheery hearts and rainbow stickers (I love me stickers) and some cute barrettes. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better, but I always wonder what my gramps would think of me if he saw me today 5 years later? well he probably would of chuckled at my pink hair! hehe Love you gramps and miss you!


Mama Pants said...


Did you have to bleach your hair blonde first, and then do the pink? I love that color on you, you pull it off wonderfully!

Your grandpa is chuckling up in heaven.

Also I haven't written much on my blog lately, but thought you would appreciate that I got a new fur baby.

A black & white polydactyl kitten. Named Rosa Bella Carmella Edith.

Hope you well.

Jennie said...

Love the pink, Lauren! Wish I had the cahones to pull that off :)

Happy 2012 to you!!

Minx's Den said...

HI GEORGIA!!! so sorry I haven't been reading your blog has been getting to me as you can tell of my lack of posting! I am so happy you got a new feline friend! what a beautiful name too! yes i did have to bleach out my hair....TWICE! and then i got the pink hue that I wanted...

thank you jennie!!hope your 2012 is great!