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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011-A Year Of My Life.....

Me....A year ago today (12/31/10) So much has happened in one year's time, I go from this....

To this!!! I can't believe it myself, how much I have changed no only on the outside, but on the inside as well....let's sum up 2011, a crazy year of my life, shall we?

January 2011:
Was really into pyrex/antiquing...was off my cane and got to take off that huge boot (had a damaged tendon in my right foot) Minxdenpartdeux was born on January 18th! (my other etsy shop)

February 2011:
My hometown saw record high temps (75 degrees on valentine's day)

March 2011:
Worked part time at a retail store, started to feel sick with extreme pains in my chest/sides...

April 2011:
Started making vintage fabric pillows and posting them in Minxden...

May 2011:
My pains and illnesses were getting out of hand and the culprit was my gallbladder, so on May 16th, I went in for my very first surgery and got it removed, recovered as niece and nephew were later baptized at the end of the month.

June 2011:
Celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary, on my wedding anniversary the temp in my hometown reached 100 degrees, a new record was set!

July 2011:
One of the hottest heat spells in my home town started in July, lasted for almost 2 whole months! my cooling bill was through the roof!

August 2011:
My cat was real sick, almost died...started having major problems with my car.

September 2011:
Became a foster parent to my cat Ashes...saw the blue angels at an airshow for the first time on 9/11 very breath taking and yes got one of the worst sunburns of my entire life!

October 2011:
Turned 29. Started looking for a new home to live in.

November 2011:
Moved into my new awesome home in a new town too...started the kawaii jewelry in minxdenpartdeux...became kawaii myself!

December 2011:
Spent my first xmas alone with the hubby, dyed my hair pink!

What a crazy year, wonder what 2012 will bring me? we'll see I guess! Happy new year everyone!


Fallon said...

Happy new year! Your hair is fantastic!

Ren said...

thank you fallon, happy new years to you as well!

Jodi said...

Was just perusing my "followers" (you must have followed because of a giveaway) and came upon your blog - your blog looks like a lot of fun, and your hair is fabulous! Blessings to you for the new year, and happy sewing/crafting!

Ren said...

thank you jodi! same to you as well!!!