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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Foodie Eraser Rings....FAIL!!!

I was shopping the other day, and came across these cute sweet treat kawaii erasers, and a thought popped into my head....why not use these for your next MPD project? how about....wait for it.......KAWAII FOODIE ERASER..... R I N G S?! I loved the idea, in fact it was quite ingenious considering the convenience of having an eraser right there at your disposal when writing things down on paper with a pencil, no prob, you just take off your ring and erase away! but when I got to gluing these bad boys up with the metal ring backings, THE HOT GLUE CAME RIGHT OFF THE ERASERS! arrrrrrrrrg! if there is any way I can assemble metal and erasers together, this could still work, but for the meantime, I have to remember my chemistry and get back to the drawing board and see what binding substance marries erasers and metal...sigh....would of been epic awesome!

anywho, I shrugged my shoulders and moved onto the next couple of MPD projects...this goth valentine's ring for instance!

and these yummy looking mini microscopic ice cream scoops turned into cute earring studs! I am only charging 2 bucks per pair! and these scoops came all the way from Singapore! I AM GOING GLOBAL!!!

One of my latest etsy purchases...the cute fairy kei star bracelets! my favorite ones ever!!!

My sweet little wise old lady kitty, "Ashes" giving me well deserved lovins...

Still goin pink, still goin strong.


A bird in the hand said...

So sorry to hear that.
You'll come up with something, I know.
Meanwhile, do not dye your eyebrows pink or I will have to come over there and do something about it!!!!!

Happy new year, sweet girlita. xoxoxox

Ren said...

hehe i think I would look weird with pink eyebrows anyway? but I will be sure to leave my eyebrows totally alone! happy new years to you colette!!!

chippednailpolish said...

i saw where people use screw eye pins and make charm bracelets out of them or necklaces. i have a few of those erasers i ordered and when they showed up they were rotten and crumbling apart! so i'm passing on eraser jewelry.