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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Pink Haired Lady Prepares To Sew Yet Again

First off, I will start this post by showing off the new goods in MPD! Here are the cat suit hello kitty rings! My fave I think is the light pink on right here in front!

Then here is a pair of orange-ish pretty bows, fairy kei style! I love these!

And lastly, I have a 3 pack of pearly star earrings! these are my newest items posted, many more will be posted the rest of this week as more cabs are expected to flutter into my mailbox!

My grandma's 79th birthday is coming up soon, and I promised a pillow for her in these fabrics that she dearly loved. We were going through my vintage fabric stash last summer, and these were her fave! I just have to figure out some measurements and then assemble them together!

Recently, I have been getting into these blind boxes...for those of you who don't know what that is, let me's a little box of something kawaii related and you don't know which one you will get until you open it, and I got a blind box "yummy dessert" and a blind box "yummy breakfast" and they are keychains...well, I got the doughnut breakfast one, which I was really happy about, and the dessert one was the mystery item which is a chocolate bunt cake with icing! I love them both, and I may go to the book store and get some more, this is fun!!

Not too long ago, I got a 50 cabochon order and was surprised with these tiny cupcake cabs, but they didn't match so I couldn't make a pair of earrings, but I did have matching bow barrettes, so I cleverly glued them onto the bows and couldn't be any more happier with the results! I just ordered more cabs from this same gal, hope to get more of these to play with!

Say hello to my pink hair cousin "it"! lol just kidding!

Showing off my new yellow bow, I have a couple more bows in transit to me from another fine etsian, can't wait to show you! Today is a quiet cold cloudy day in my world, I am spiffing up the house (it tends to get somewhat out of hand when the mister and I are sick) I am at 90% from my upper respiratory infection I had, still a little stuffiness in my nose, but that is it...chao!!


kim said...

The Yummy Breakfast/Desert blind boxes are by Heidi Kenney. You'd love her blog!

Minx's Den said...

ooooo thank you!!!