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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Can Play Anytime!

 Greetings readers!  Sorry again for my lack of posts, been extremely busy!  But I thought I'd show you one of my outfit choices one day for work!
 And of course, can't forget a feet shot, I do have some sexy feet for sure!
 RAWWWWWRRRR! Having fun on a break at work, this is my T-Rex friend!

 Various desk shots, See? I told you my desk looks alot like my home!  

 And about a week ago, I officially adopted my foster cat, Ashes! My friend got some pics of the momentous occasion of signing the contract and becoming her human mommy!
 Our first portrait later that night as official "mommy daughter"!  I was overjoyed to the point of tears here!
A random funny pic of Ci-Ci!

The lovely things in my life!

1. My maternal grandpa just turned 89!
2. Soft kitties that smell real good!
3. An anticipated nap is in order today since I have today off!

Hope everyone has a great tuesday!

xoxo, Minx

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