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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Geek Out, Nerd Out, Whatever!

 Hey Everyone!  This post is all about my newest finds, like this candle, the BEST smelling soy candle I have ever smelled, and seen!
 Well, this I actually made, I have a new love of polymer clay! This cheeky rainbow hangs in my bedroom, I have another one hanging in my dining room too!
 New rags and shoes for returning to work from my short term sick leave, it's great to be back at work full time!
 I already wore my Domo Shirt on my first day back to work (right) but my wolverine shirt I haven't worn yet.  I have really started fancying the nerdy T's in the last few months!  I have quite a few other assorted from mario to avengers to batman/superman, I seriously have at least a baker's dozen assortment! They are so much fun to wear!
 My newest pairs of socks!
 And I found this little guy and decided to adopt him, and he is currently sitting on my desk at work keeping me company along with kerroppi, batz maru, choco cat, hello kitty, and rainbow dash! (I have alot of plushies at work) I should include a pic of my workspace sometime in the future!
 My most fave nerdy shirt, my TMNT shirt!  I was always made fun of in 2nd grade for wearing TMNT shirts, but now at the cool age of 30, I would be considered very cool for wearing them now!  Well ok my career alone is suited for nerds, but I swear they are making a HUGE comeback now, or maybe a debut?
 You all remember Ci-Ci?  Miss sicky here has bladder crystals, I have been told a simple diet changes helps with that....
Of course, I fell in love with instagram, and took many shots of everyday life since late 2012!  Here is a sneak peek into my 1/2 of the closet!

Today I head into work, I have alot of things to do today!  Hope everyone has a great hump day!  I heard that's a camel's favorite holiday!

What's making me jump for joy lately:
1. Ashes's pending adoption finalizes 8/20/13 in just 6 days!
2. Payday this friday!
3. Omaha trip this monday, might hit up the anime store!
4. Made yummy cheesecake last night, still have alot in the fridge to snack on! yummm!

xoxo, Minx

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