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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kawaii Barged Into My Life!

 Greetings readers!  How has everybody been??  I have been busy for many months!  I found a new love of kawaii, well, not really new, this has been going on for nearly 2 years now, and also a love of polymer clay! I made this rainbow wall hanging in honor of marriage equality, so to let those who have the love of the same sex know, I GOT YOUR BACK! :)
 My newest monster high doll, this makes #41, SERIOUSLY! This is Gigi Grant, the daughter of a genie!  
 A sneak peek into my closet, well at least my half, the other belongs to the mister.  I got rid of over half of my clothes, lost so much weight due to being very ill the majority of the summer, BUMMER MAN!

 More snippets of my room, I love being in there, but the roaring trains going by suck big time!
 Most recent pic of me!

And of course, who can't forget snaps of my craft room?!  

What's great in my life lately:
1. Brand new monster high doll arrived via post, A DAY EARLY! YEAH!
2. Having  nearly 2 months off from work to get better from being very sick, the sick part wasn't cool, but I got to spend more time with my precious animal companions,
3. Working to formally adopt my foster cat, Ashes, submitted my app yesterday!
4. Looking forward to seeing my coworkers come the 10th when i return back with a clean bill of health!
5. I have a new love of noodles! going to enjoy some in a bit!
6. My husband, need I say more?! I caught me a good one!

Since I was very sick most of the summer, and had to spend it all indoors entertained by copious amounts of playing video games, I am curious to how you all spent you summer vacations?  Any cool traveling?  I would love to hear of your adventures!

xoxo, Minx

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