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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Color Time!

 TMNT!  This was a cool night light!  And Leonardo is my fave turtle!

 Ugly Dolls! I have loved these for a very long time, but surprisingly, never owned one!  Hopefully that will change soon!
 This is on my wish list!  
 My hubby got me this cute Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl!  She is so pretty!

 2013 meets 1984!  
 She is settling in nicely!
My newest necklace I made with a vintage MLP!  these are from spare charms I had just laying around!  Today was a roller coaster kind of day, had a bad plumbing issue at my house, was very grumpy this morning/afternoon, so i called into work so i could take care of my plumbing problem, but of course, my hubby spent the day with me, and helping me with the house emergency, got me my rainbow dash gal, took me out to dinner for something to eat, since I tend to not eat when stressed and busy with other affairs, but now for the umteenth time, my sore throat is coming back and I really do not want strep throat again, i had it twice last month, this is getting excessive!  so I vented my frustration by what I always do best....CRAFTING! made a cool new necklace!  Hope everyone had a great day...

Taking a deep breath, this is upcoming in my life to look forward to:
1. Omaha trip for my 31st birthday!
2. my birthday is in about a month!
3. a fixed bath tub tomorrow!

xoxo, MINX

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