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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Vacation To Home

Over last weekend, my husband and I ventured out of a cloud covered city to our old home town of Manhattan, KS...breathtaking as it was I looked at every building, street, landmarks like I was still trying to hold onto something. I knew it, the next 24 hours were all mine and I was home...I took pictures of almost everything that had some significance in my life. When we got to our hotel room, it felt so awkward, staying in a hotel in a town you once lived in, my old apartment was right there, but someone else now lives in it.

But for some reason, I felt a small tug from Lincoln...could it be true??? was I actually missing Lincoln? It can't be! Maybe it was because I left my 2 cats behind at my house? maybe Manhattan now seems like a small town? what the hell?

My hubby and I went about and tried to do as many normal routine things as possible like we lived in Manhattan...we went out to coco bolo's for lunch went to radina's coffee house for pre-dinner coffee, visited my in-laws, and shopped the next day...but when we were at hasting's book store, we both were trying to hold onto Manhattan as long as we could, the sun was past it's high point, the afternoon was rolling on, so we knew we had to leave and go back to Lincoln.

So we just decided to leave then and there instead of doing more things to keep us in town longer, or we would just never leave! So we started the 2 and a half hour long drive back up north to Nebraska. Of course after seeing tuttle creek lake, I started crying like a's true I am tugged between 2 states now, and every time I cross the Kansas/Nebraska border I will always blow a kiss to Kansas.


amelia said...

I still believe that home is where the heart is and if you and your hubby are making your heart home in Lincoln then that's probably where your heart will be. Kitties and all.

It's hard letting go of all that you know and that is familiar, as I mentioned in a previous comment, I did it too.

It will keep getting better...

Minx's Den said...

I'm sure it will, have the wisdom to comfort an inexperienced restless heart like mine