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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cabochons Galore!

These new flower cabochon brooches are for sale in my etsy shop, along with my new fabric bracelets...I had so much fun with these...I kept the light pink and the yellow one for myself....I spent good money on these, and I couldn't see all of them go away! In a few days, I will have more brooches and many flower cabochon rings posted on my etsy site! God bless my creativity! Thank you God and Mom! (It's in the genetics)


susie said...

The cabochon brooches are cool! Back in the early 80's I had cabbage rose border up in my dinning room, and cabbage rose curtains in the same room plus living room. I was nuts over cabbage roses. I'm glad to see their back! There's a neat website you'd like: spirit I love your tapestry too! Sew-on Baby!

Minx's Den said...

thanks aunt susie! if ya want one, I can give ya one! I have many more where that came from! also, happy 29th anniversary!!!! and to another 29 more God willing! joe and I just reached 9 months mar. 6th....can u believe it??? time does indeed fly!

Jess said...

So cute... you do have a great gift!

Have a wonderful week
Hope all is well with you, hubby, and kitties!

Any babies yet? LOL

You know I'm just teasing you girl!

Love, Jess

kansasrose said...

I liked the cabbage roses too. I had clothes with them splashed everywhere...sheets, curtains. I don't think I had them on my huge shoulder pads. VERY 1980's Reagan years. When I was very young and you were in diapers. :) These brooches and rings are very very rad.