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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Color Time!

 TMNT!  This was a cool night light!  And Leonardo is my fave turtle!

 Ugly Dolls! I have loved these for a very long time, but surprisingly, never owned one!  Hopefully that will change soon!
 This is on my wish list!  
 My hubby got me this cute Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl!  She is so pretty!

 2013 meets 1984!  
 She is settling in nicely!
My newest necklace I made with a vintage MLP!  these are from spare charms I had just laying around!  Today was a roller coaster kind of day, had a bad plumbing issue at my house, was very grumpy this morning/afternoon, so i called into work so i could take care of my plumbing problem, but of course, my hubby spent the day with me, and helping me with the house emergency, got me my rainbow dash gal, took me out to dinner for something to eat, since I tend to not eat when stressed and busy with other affairs, but now for the umteenth time, my sore throat is coming back and I really do not want strep throat again, i had it twice last month, this is getting excessive!  so I vented my frustration by what I always do best....CRAFTING! made a cool new necklace!  Hope everyone had a great day...

Taking a deep breath, this is upcoming in my life to look forward to:
1. Omaha trip for my 31st birthday!
2. my birthday is in about a month!
3. a fixed bath tub tomorrow!

xoxo, MINX

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Can Play Anytime!

 Greetings readers!  Sorry again for my lack of posts, been extremely busy!  But I thought I'd show you one of my outfit choices one day for work!
 And of course, can't forget a feet shot, I do have some sexy feet for sure!
 RAWWWWWRRRR! Having fun on a break at work, this is my T-Rex friend!

 Various desk shots, See? I told you my desk looks alot like my home!  

 And about a week ago, I officially adopted my foster cat, Ashes! My friend got some pics of the momentous occasion of signing the contract and becoming her human mommy!
 Our first portrait later that night as official "mommy daughter"!  I was overjoyed to the point of tears here!
A random funny pic of Ci-Ci!

The lovely things in my life!

1. My maternal grandpa just turned 89!
2. Soft kitties that smell real good!
3. An anticipated nap is in order today since I have today off!

Hope everyone has a great tuesday!

xoxo, Minx

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Geek Out, Nerd Out, Whatever!

 Hey Everyone!  This post is all about my newest finds, like this candle, the BEST smelling soy candle I have ever smelled, and seen!
 Well, this I actually made, I have a new love of polymer clay! This cheeky rainbow hangs in my bedroom, I have another one hanging in my dining room too!
 New rags and shoes for returning to work from my short term sick leave, it's great to be back at work full time!
 I already wore my Domo Shirt on my first day back to work (right) but my wolverine shirt I haven't worn yet.  I have really started fancying the nerdy T's in the last few months!  I have quite a few other assorted from mario to avengers to batman/superman, I seriously have at least a baker's dozen assortment! They are so much fun to wear!
 My newest pairs of socks!
 And I found this little guy and decided to adopt him, and he is currently sitting on my desk at work keeping me company along with kerroppi, batz maru, choco cat, hello kitty, and rainbow dash! (I have alot of plushies at work) I should include a pic of my workspace sometime in the future!
 My most fave nerdy shirt, my TMNT shirt!  I was always made fun of in 2nd grade for wearing TMNT shirts, but now at the cool age of 30, I would be considered very cool for wearing them now!  Well ok my career alone is suited for nerds, but I swear they are making a HUGE comeback now, or maybe a debut?
 You all remember Ci-Ci?  Miss sicky here has bladder crystals, I have been told a simple diet changes helps with that....
Of course, I fell in love with instagram, and took many shots of everyday life since late 2012!  Here is a sneak peek into my 1/2 of the closet!

Today I head into work, I have alot of things to do today!  Hope everyone has a great hump day!  I heard that's a camel's favorite holiday!

What's making me jump for joy lately:
1. Ashes's pending adoption finalizes 8/20/13 in just 6 days!
2. Payday this friday!
3. Omaha trip this monday, might hit up the anime store!
4. Made yummy cheesecake last night, still have alot in the fridge to snack on! yummm!

xoxo, Minx

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kawaii Barged Into My Life!

 Greetings readers!  How has everybody been??  I have been busy for many months!  I found a new love of kawaii, well, not really new, this has been going on for nearly 2 years now, and also a love of polymer clay! I made this rainbow wall hanging in honor of marriage equality, so to let those who have the love of the same sex know, I GOT YOUR BACK! :)
 My newest monster high doll, this makes #41, SERIOUSLY! This is Gigi Grant, the daughter of a genie!  
 A sneak peek into my closet, well at least my half, the other belongs to the mister.  I got rid of over half of my clothes, lost so much weight due to being very ill the majority of the summer, BUMMER MAN!

 More snippets of my room, I love being in there, but the roaring trains going by suck big time!
 Most recent pic of me!

And of course, who can't forget snaps of my craft room?!  

What's great in my life lately:
1. Brand new monster high doll arrived via post, A DAY EARLY! YEAH!
2. Having  nearly 2 months off from work to get better from being very sick, the sick part wasn't cool, but I got to spend more time with my precious animal companions,
3. Working to formally adopt my foster cat, Ashes, submitted my app yesterday!
4. Looking forward to seeing my coworkers come the 10th when i return back with a clean bill of health!
5. I have a new love of noodles! going to enjoy some in a bit!
6. My husband, need I say more?! I caught me a good one!

Since I was very sick most of the summer, and had to spend it all indoors entertained by copious amounts of playing video games, I am curious to how you all spent you summer vacations?  Any cool traveling?  I would love to hear of your adventures!

xoxo, Minx

Up To Speed....

 Hi to all of my readers!  Let me bring you all up to's my life and mug shots of me in the last 18 months....

I have missed this blog, my very first one, so I am making a fresh start with this one, since I still evidently have followers!  

xoxo, Minx